wtorek, 6 grudnia 2011

I'm still in love...

with dr Martens shoes! - i don't care that girls here in BCN don't wear them but usually some vintage girly shoes with 3-5 cm heels and no matter that my feet is slightly too slim for classic 3 holes models I will stick to them probably for many many years more! and i can't wait when I'll buy new shiny pair:)(which doesn't mean that I don't care about other type of nice shoes:)

sobota, 3 grudnia 2011

England belongs to

This week I've started looking through well known but long time no visited eshops. Some of them not exist anymore:( some of them are nearly empty but most are full of new shiny things I want to have aghhhh:)
First episode : England belongs to - button down shirt is essential in any rude girl closet especially in skinhead girl like your truly, but getting one is tricky. There's always many classic looking shirt for guys with great variety of colour and pattern but hey! just few for girls(if any!) The most annoying example is Britac Shirt - they have so nice shirts but yes just for men:/ of course even in pink/violet/purple shades:) Many girls wear them but sorry to say that but it doesn't look very nice in most case. Yes you can always bring it to good tailor but I don't like idea of buying shirt for 45 euro and then paying more for fitting. I wanna cloth ready to wear - is this to much?
So England belongs super surprisingly offers more for girls than for boys! I alreaddy have one which wait a long time abandoned in my closet because I ordered M - way to big for me but when I make it smaller I can say that those are nice shirt to wear! Maybe I'm not a fan of that big collar or how sleeves end but colours are cute and fabric is soft and price is also great so big up for them!

środa, 30 listopada 2011

Sourpuss dress

I can say that I'm theoretically dress lover. theoretically because I have just a couple of them. Why? because I'm super choosy in that matter. Oh is sooo easy find a tone of gothic dresses, rock'n'roll dresses everywhere even in Poland but finding NICE one which fit skinhead girl is hard even in Barcelona. But not impossible! I recently bought cute girly and simple, super everyday dress in one of my favorite shop in BCN U.K look and than google the company. oh my! I wouldn't mind having half of THIS SHOP :)
my faves(and must have in close future:)

over and over

So one more time I suddenly decided to resurrect my old abandoned blog - dunno why is probably that have a bit less work than usual so again I can think about something different than illustrating. so i make up for reading and yes now it blogging turn yey!
why language change? just because:)