środa, 18 stycznia 2012

Plastic land

I'd love to know more shops like Plastic land but not virtual one but in my neighborhood preferably :) total mix of retro kitsch, cute and classy items is what I like, maybe not in clothing area(here I'm rather conservative;) but home decor - yes yes yes

some of my type

piątek, 6 stycznia 2012

The Ballroom Blitz

Fancy some real vintage flavours - visit blog created by my super stylish friend from Spain, Gabriela - The Ballroom Blitz

wtorek, 3 stycznia 2012

Lola Ramona

OMG I want those so badly!
Lola Ramona shoes made in Denmark. I saw them in Luka Bandita shop in Warsaw(best and only one good shop that kind in Warsaw from what I know) and they are looks even better than on pictures and looks like super comfortable. Only price is a bit to high for me since I wear heels very occasionally, but I got Maneki Neko today so who knows...:)