środa, 30 listopada 2011

Sourpuss dress

I can say that I'm theoretically dress lover. theoretically because I have just a couple of them. Why? because I'm super choosy in that matter. Oh is sooo easy find a tone of gothic dresses, rock'n'roll dresses everywhere even in Poland but finding NICE one which fit skinhead girl is hard even in Barcelona. But not impossible! I recently bought cute girly and simple, super everyday dress in one of my favorite shop in BCN U.K look and than google the company. oh my! I wouldn't mind having half of THIS SHOP :)
my faves(and must have in close future:)

over and over

So one more time I suddenly decided to resurrect my old abandoned blog - dunno why is probably that have a bit less work than usual so again I can think about something different than illustrating. so i make up for reading and yes now it blogging turn yey!
why language change? just because:)